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Welcome to MyBrokenLeg.com
The site for people with broken legs. If you're stuck at home with your leg on a pillow, surfing the net desperately looking for a distraction - here it is.

Started 5 Nov 2017
We were in the middle of an epic hike in the back country...

Started 6 Mar 2017
Well I fully dislocated my ankle and shattered my fibula almost two weeks ago, as I don't do things by halves...

Started 14 Feb 2017
About 3 weeks ago I fell tripping over my shoe - and landed on my knee. Instead of shattering my knee cap, I actually cracked the upper part of my tibia...

Started 29 Jan 2017
You never know when life begins to play games with you...

Started 22 Jun 2016
It was Memorial Day and I was helping in the museum...

Started 19 Apr 2016
I was victim in a hit and run car accident, on my bike...

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This site is hosted by Paul Kennett who broke his tibia and fibula way back in 1995.
If you'd like to help offset the costs of running, maintaining and improving the site please make a $10 donation.
Reader tip:
Access to lower cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom can be a real problem for a chair bound patient. Consider temporarily removing some cabinet doors for ease of access. They can be quickly replaced when the crisis is over.
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 17 December 2017
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