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Aaron : Full Weight Bearing! We've got some bone growth... And PICTURES!
Diary entry posted Fri 12:48am 16 July 2004


Today, 2 months after my sub-trochanter femur FX and subsequent IM nailing (2 screws into ball joint and 1 at the knee), I got another X-ray from my OS.

While waiting for THREE HOURS for the doctor to see me, I looked at the X-rays they just took. I could see clear bone growth! When the doc finally showed, up he confirmed that.

Check out pics of the newest X-rays at:

To see pics of the X-rays when I FIRST broke my leg:

So the doctor said the hard callus has not yet formed, but since the rod is holding and the soft callus is forming nicely, I am OK to put as much weight as I can handle comfortably on my left leg. This was great news for me to hear.

He said I should work at putting weight on it with two crutches, then work down to one crutch, then a cane or no support at all.


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 Fri 12:48am 16 July 2004
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