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Aaron_B : Odd feelings
Diary entry posted Sun 3:12pm 31 October 2010

since the operation i've had a lot of odd feelings,hope you can confirm they are normal and you've felt them too?

1. Blueish toes, this only sometimes happens, I guess because its only sometimes theres nothing to worry about.

2. General aches - this is pretty much all the time

3. Thobbing hardware - normall when I move around on crutches It feels like I can feel the metal under my skin

4. Pressure, this is quite infrequent, feels like my leg is tightly wrapped and pressure is being applied all round.

5. sharper pains when swinging the leg.

Overall the cast really has helped. At the moment Im obessed with checking online for time scales on recovery, i've ready 6 weeks with the cast and then 6 weeks to get some sort of range of movement started of my ankle. basically 3 months before I can look at light light training, another 6 months maybe before playing a match again?

Im also worried that being right footed and the injury being to the right ankle what on earth it will feel like to properly kick a ball or block a shot with it, i kinda wish it was my left ankle that got injured.

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 Sun 3:12pm 31 October 2010
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