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Comment : update - checkup
Posted by Aaron_B on Wed 2:54pm 24 November 2010

well checkup was yesterday, they cut the cast off and there was no xray - they said they would take it from experience that the leg was well on the way to healing and i didnt need an xray.

5 week since the operation. I ask finally to see the xrays, it turns out that i dont have a plate in my left the fibula is broken but there was anough suface area that they didnt need to add a plate. Also the tibia isnt broken, well not across it, its the lip down the bottom over the talus on the side, its been screwed back on and an couple bands have been added to keep them together i guess.

overall is great news but im a little sad with the conflicting info i was given about what wa going to/ what had been done. anyways all the bones are back in the right place and im able to start putting weight on it, i dont even have a boot and no physio appointments apart from a checkup in 7 weeks.

its very stuff, swollen and brused but not really overall painful at all, even in the space of a day i have better range of movement.

walking, not happening really which is to be expected, cant bring the leg at right angle to the foot. they think in 7 weeks i should be walking un aided but wouldnt be suprised if i was using the crutches as well.

target of playing football again is very possible, im going to look for early summer but of course will want to walk and get full range first, swimming etc. im just so please that the tibia wasnt broken, loads more confidence to put weight on.

went to work, got a lift from work mate, foot was down all day, it was pretty ok did swell up and glad to get it up in the evening but overall its certainly bearable.

right well lets see how it goes, update in a month or so with progress.

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 Wed 2:54pm 24 November 2010
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