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Comment : 3 months on
Posted by Aaron_B on Sun 3:20am 16 January 2011

had my check up 13 jan, going well, cycling to work now, back at the gym with some leg presses, also a little light jogging, i'll keep pushing myself.

i now understand why i see a lot of diarys with little to no posts, you just lose track of it, its different of course when the injury is fresh and unknow and you are looking for info and help, as time pasts and you head back to normal you no longer need it. I've tried to keep the posts going so that other that maybe have a similar injury playing football will get an idea of how long it will take.

key thing is push yourself, lose the crutches as soon as you can and get basic walking going, as you improve look to sysle and then run.

Im my opinion and I dont want or mean to be mean to anyone on here but if you cannot get over a break or its taking longer than the doctor suggests then there could be a few reasons. These range from you werent healthy when the break occured, perhaps over weight, didnt exercise, drove everywhere and eat really badly, perhaps smoked - this will have a big impact on how quickly you recover. I understand each injury is different and infection etc can occur which noone and prevent.

you are pushing yourself, the slightest bit of pain causes you to stop pushing, sometimes you need to break that pain barrier to succeed.

I recommend taking supplements, multi vits, calcium , vit c, fish oils etc

finally i'd like to thank all that posts on the site, some great stories and successful recoveries.

Also thanks to the NHS, the surgery was a total success, they have done a great job, only down side is that I only had physio twice but to be fair i didnt ask for more.

im on course to play football in march/april time, woot!!!

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 Sun 3:20am 16 January 2011
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