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Adam3 : How it happened?
Diary entry posted Sun 2:22pm 7 November 2010

It was October 8th and my friend's birthday. I'm living in a supervised boarding home but got to come home for the long weekend. The people at the home said I could have 2 beers because it's a holiday. I step in my friend's door and he hands me 3 and tells me I'm sober and something is wrong with me because of it. There goes moderation...

After the 3 beers we walk over to Moxie's Grill to get dinner with some of his friends from school I don't know. Sometime during dinner I get bored of talking to these people I don't really connect with (The main topic was football). I take the opportunity to walk across the street to the liquor store and pick up a mickey of Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum and a 600ml Coke.

Once all the other guests leave Daryll, John, and I start walking back home. But I forgot my cigarettes so we start to walk back, that's when a police car pulls up on the grass beside us but nobody gets out. So I go back to the restaurant and use the toilet then on the way out the police are at the door, "There's not any rum in that coke is there?" I tell them it's not even opened. I end up finding my cigarettes on the sidewalk, they fell out when I pushed the CROSSWALK button.

We see one of Daryll's friends on the way back to his house and Daryll buys a joint, which I can't smoke because I get drug tested in the home.

Frustrated that I can't smoke up I decide I'll drink the entire bottle of spiced rum in one go. I can drink a mickey on my own without problems, but the 3 beers tipped me over into blackout mode. I'm told at about 10pm I announced, "I need to go home or I'll get in trouble". We had already consumed countless beers during my blackout and they were trying to convince me to stay but I told them "Not everybody's perfect and can stay up all night drinking until they puke" as a joke.

After that nobody can tell me what happened. I have vague memories of trying to jaywalk and getting hit by a car. I also have vague memories of being fine at the doorway and mocking my counsellor who told me it was a risk that I could fall down while drunk "Oh ya right I'd just trip like THIS" *Crak*.

Who knows...

In any case I woke up on the kitchen floor, not puking hungover but also not able to get up. After a bit my mom came into the kitchen and asked me what happened, then gave me a pillow and blanket. I told her I think I hurt my foot and she sees a bruise just starting so puts an ice pack on it for me and goes to work.

While she's gone I manage to get up on one leg and hop into a chair, I make some trips from this chair to the fridge and take some ibuprofen. At some point I put my leg down and it makes a sick crunching noise, my shin moves around popping in and out as I take pressure on and off. I get fed up with the pain after about 2 hours and lie back down on the floor, I can't sleep so I try to get back up but I'm stuck on the floor.

I waited there for about 3 hours until my mom got back home and I showed her how much worse things had gotten but I still can't get up. She wants to drive me to the hospital but I'm stuck on the floor for another hour or so. She starts to get frustrated so I summon up all my strength and bare the pain, managing to sit up on a chair again.

My dad showed up about 15 minutes later and they helped me walk over to the truck where I got into the back seat, it was very difficult and painful to get in, especially sliding my butt down to get across the seat.

We were off to the hospital in Langley.

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 Sun 2:22pm 7 November 2010
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