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Adele : My Nightmare! Broken tibia and fibula with orif and locking plate and 2 more plates with 16 screws.😭
Diary entry posted Sat 9:04am 12 March 2016

Broke left tibia and fibula in Mexico only 4 hours in; which was a supposed holiday away and for my husbands 50th Birthday.This was 8th February 2016 this accident.I fell in room and never saw any of Mexico.

Had 5 hour operation via epidural after waiting a day for surgery because of the insurers in the UK.In which I watched the surgery.Now have 3 plates in,one of which is a locking plate and 16 screws.
In hospital 4 days then back in hotel 3 days and then flown home by B.A and then blue lighted and siren from Gatwick to Leicester Royal Infirmary in which I stayed in for a night.Surgeons took a look and made plans for dressing changed and back slab and physio for crutches.
I am now 3 weeks in fibre glass cast and have another 3 weeks to go and I'm non weight-bearing!See the consultant on April 5th for review and removal of cast and next plan of action.
The surgeon in Mexico said it's better than some footballers breaks he's ever seen;so yes very bad indeed.
This is a memory I will never forget as had suitcase broken into and items stolen,jewellery lost and medication wasn't available so had to be delivered at cost.
Thought I would post as talking about our journey will help us all in a recovery and support us all when in need.
Wish you all a speedy safe recovery;with love and hugs.
Adele X

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 Sat 9:04am 12 March 2016
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