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Comment : My shattered femer
Posted by Adena on Wed 5:30pm 21 January 2004

My name is Anthony or A.J. and I am 13 years old. For the past 4 years, I've raced motocross competativly and done very well. Every season I've raced, I've come in first place. Then last May I was racing the Hangtown track in Sacramento. All was well until the last race of the day.... Then my life as I knew it was over. I was comming around a corner by the grandstands and I got a little squirly. I almost lost it and that's when another rider plowed into me. His front tire hit my left femer, snapping it and then I fell off my bike and landed on my left foot and twisted around, completly shattering my femer.
I fell to the ground and screamed, due to the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life. Lucky for me, the ambulance was already there and they got to me in 5 seconds. As motorcycles were flying by me they braced my leg and we had to run across the track as fast as we could. The whole way, I felt the edges of my bones rubbing together.Once in the back of the ambulance, I am still screaming as they hook up an I.V. The ride out of there on Friday during rush hour traffic was long and horrable.
After getting lost, we finally made it to the E.R. After many cat scans and x rays there was a very obvious spiral fracture of my left femer. The next night they placed a rod and 2 pins to hold everything together. After a week in the hospital I was reluctantly kicked out. I was scared to go home to school, friends, and 135 pound dog without a cast to protect my leg.
Then comes the recovery... The slightest move made me scream in pain. I was a very active kid so for me to not be able to even move by myself was very bad. After many days and weeks things started slowly getting better. I had so many x rays at the pediatric fracture clinic, I got to know all the nurses on a first name basis. My mom and I started a tradition that every tine we went there, we would bring baked goods. I think we made enough to supply a small store.
I was non-weight bearing for 16 weeks and then progressed to using a walker. When 8th. grade started I was using a walker, but my leg was still very painful so I had to use my wheelchair. I was really scared that all the other students would give me a hard time, but it was just the oppisite. Once I was able to start P.T. things rapidly got better. As soon as I was full weight bearing, my bones started healing quickly.
The only good thing about the healing process is that when I went to the grocery store, I got to ride in the electric cart. I have to say, old people gave me alot of dirty looks. As if at 13 I really wanted to be stuck in one of those things! It has been 8 months since MBL and I an almost back to normal. I raced for the first time this weekend and it felt pretty good.
The past 8 months have been the longest and most painful of my whole life. I now know that things do get better and pain does pass but I never want to go through this again. This summer I have to get the hardware taken out and I sure hope this surgery is alot easier than the last 4 hour one. Well...I hope that by telling my experience, it may have helped someone else. Please post
a comment for me and I, or my mom Adena will get back to you soon. Many healings... A.J.

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 Wed 5:30pm 21 January 2004
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