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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by Tiffanie on Mon 7:37pm 2 February 2004

Hi A.J.,

Totally feel for you... I roadrace a 125GP bike. Eleven months ago during a race at Willow Springs, launched over a crashed bike at over 100mph...luckily happened to miss the rider. Shattered femur, broken fibula, broken foot on the left leg and compressed ulnar nerve in my right arm. Things are healing slowly, but it's finally all coming around. Due to have the plate removed from the femur in 2 weeks as it's ruining my knee.

Bought another bike while I was still on crutches. Wanted to give myself something to work towards. Took the new bike to the track in November. I was so slow!... but so glad to be out there. Can't wait to recover so I can get back to racing!

Know it's hard, but keep your chin up!

If you want to read about what happened, it's posted on my team page...
Click on
wsmc r3 willow... tiff

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 Mon 7:37pm 2 February 2004
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