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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by mike butler on Tue 2:51am 25 October 2005

A.J. (Anthony), By now, I would guess (or hope) that you are as healthy as a stallion. It took me till my 56th year to get my first broken bone (tibia and fibula--compound fracture, I could see the bones peeking out at me) and dudes my age heal differently...like slower. Now that I am home from the hospital, I go out on my crutches to the shed where my bike is parked, dust it off, and start up the engine just to be sure it still starts, and think about the future, when I can ride again. Oh, yeah, and I have learned a little bit about "sporty" wheelchair riding...those things can be ridden aggressively, or at least stylishly. :-)

Oh yeah, one more thing, my daughter bought a yamaha 180 when she graduated high school, and I will tell my grandson, when he is old enough, to ride safely, but to ride (if he is interested, which is about 100% likely).

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 Tue 2:51am 25 October 2005
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