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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by shawn on Tue 7:59am 7 February 2006

i broke mine to off a motorcycle some lady cut me off and i had no choice but to slam on the front brakes and i bounced off her windshield and hit the floor i broke my femer and i had a big bump on my forehead i lived to tell the story thank god but that was painful i went through the same thing u did no wieght on it for like 3months i still have the rod and 2 pins right above my knee and 1 right through my hip connecting to the femer i fell a little better i didnt rehab it enough i hope u did ur still young im 28 now had accident when i was 26 i tunred 26 in hospital the next day my accident was 4/20/03 and birthday was 4/21 that was crazy birthday party in hospital and on morphine falling asleep every minute.but im fine now i hope u r to remember i feel ur pain its no joke that hurt bye goodluck with motorcycles.

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 Tue 7:59am 7 February 2006
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