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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by Buddy on Tue 5:07pm 18 July 2006

AJ, I dont know if the femer is worse than the tiba and fibla but I just broke both of them a month ago yesterday and i am just now able to but pressure on it but i cant walk yet. The doctor told me in 2 weeks i should see him and hopfully i can have my stitches removed and hopfully start physcial therapy, i get married in 2 months and i hope i can walk fully by then. I broke my leg at Prairie City witch is next door to hangtown because that day i was out at Hangtown practicing, anyways it was the end of the day and i was over on the Prairie City track and it was wet from the water truck and rocks the size of melons. I went around the track and came off the last jump and was about to go in and thought no, 1 more run around and as i went to take the burm my back end slipped out and out of reaction i stuck my foot straight down and between the rocks, mud and the bike wieght on my left leg it snapped both bones and caused it to break out of the skin. The bike then flipped over the other way from hitting a bunch rocks and it through me over the bike and i flipped about 2 times in the air and landed on my head and shoulder shatering my chest gard and i knew as soon as my leg broke that it was broken. Its the worst feeling in the world and i was going to sell both my bikes and never ride again but at the time of the accident i was jsut getting ready to race my first race ever and i was ready for compition i knew it and i cant let that go with out seeing how i do. I ride a KX 125 SR (Stewart Replica) 2 stroke, i am glad to hear you got back on because if my soon to be wife didnt encourage me to get back on then i wouldnt have a bike anymore and i think i would of regreted it. I hope everything is going well for you and i should be back on the bike in about 3 months and racing in about 6 months, how is racing? I cant wait to try it. good luck kid...

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 Tue 5:07pm 18 July 2006
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