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Comment : Post Surgery :D
Posted by Tiffanie on Fri 9:40pm 27 February 2004

Hi A.J.,

Hope your race went well!

Had my hardware removal surgery on 2/12. Stayed in the hospital for 4 days...I have a bleeding disorder so they kept me in longer than most. The Dr. was pleased and surgery went really well.

After after about a week the usual sick-to-my-stomach-feeling went away. At 2 weeks out I can get around on without too much pain. The femur is still super weak, so they want me on crutches (only 50% weight-bearing) for about 4 more weeks.

Pretty cool...I got to keep my plate (it's HUGE!) and screws. My leg feels so much lighter. Think once the swelling goes down things will be much better.

I read your post about hip pain... Yeah, I have that also. Not all the time, usually if I've been walking around a lot. My injured leg is about 1/3" shorter than the other. It's also much straighter than it use to be (my foot use to point out a little).

The other thing to remember... your injured side is still much weaker, so it could be due to muscle strain. Ask your Dr. to measure the length of your leg, if they haven't already. There could have been some injury to the hip joint it's self so ask them to check also.

By the way...
I don't get to this site often. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know how things are going for you.

Let you know when I'm back to racing.

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 Fri 9:40pm 27 February 2004
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