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Comment : Re: Hi Buddy
Posted by Adena (AJ mom) on Fri 1:31pm 25 August 2006

It has been awhile since I have been here. I hope you are feeling better and got married. He rides at Prarie City all the time. In July we went to Washougal and he did well. That was the first national race since he broke his leg (3 years ago). I can't keep him off the bike. He got a new one in April. KX 250f and loves it. He isn't writing because this morning he had surgury to fix his broken hand from Marysville the other day. It has been hell but when he is well, he is on his bike. He got a job at Folsom Cycle and is also taking a motorcycle mechanic program at Sac City. This is his life and he loves it, so who am I to say anything. Keep in touch with us and maybe one day you can ride together. Good luck in your healing.

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 Fri 1:31pm 25 August 2006
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