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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by Ryan R on Thu 3:59am 22 January 2004

Hello AJ and Adena glad to hear you are getting better and there shall be quite a few here that can help you with the hardwear removal questions. I will getting mine out by the sounds of it too. Well I wish as a Motorcyclist I could say that we are the only people here from bike accidents but that might be stretching the truth too far............wait till next summer when all the skydivers are coming in..........sorry skydivers but you take the heat off us. As I read in your diary you are probably here for the same reason as most to try and help and make some good of your experience and it's just that reason you will find help and answers to questions you might not have known you even had before. I have about 16 years on you and I will say you have my sympathy being injured at your age as I remember being 13 and you don't want to waste those years but your age will also be on your side with your fracture and the speed of your recovery from the injury and the hardwear removal. Any questions just ask on the board and I'm sure my e mail is somewhere here on the site feel free if there's anything I might be able to help you with. I am a Tib,Fib,Ankle,and knee damage guy and I know none are really the same as your injury but you never know . Take care and just make sure you don't damage that leg again before they get that hardwear out or you might be in bigger trouble. Good Luck ......Ryan

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 Thu 3:59am 22 January 2004
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