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Comment : My broken Femur
Posted by Derek on Tue 11:04am 18 November 2008

hi, guys mine has been broken for 7 months now. its broken in to 2. i have been house bound for 7 months. i am more of a couch potato now. i am on tramadol.(yes tramadol coz this pain is the best i have ever felt im my life) the pain relief does the trick but leaves me weak. does any 1 have an idea if ther is any better medication that will make the bone grow quicker. i am an outgoin person and its killing me to be house bound. i wanna have a life, go 2 work and be normal again. guys any advice, i will take it. the only thing thats kept me going is the fact that i can breathe. friends will be ther but after such a long tym i cant blame them. i've had 2 surgeries but still the change is unnoticable yet my Dr tells me we are getting there. please dont tell to be patient coz its been so painfull.

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 Tue 11:04am 18 November 2008
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