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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: My shattered femer
Posted by Valerie H. on Sun 9:29pm 19 April 2009

I broke my right femur in a car accident. I was sitting still in my Subaru Outback (with side air bags) and a brand new Cadillac came 80 mph down the fast lane and hit me on the side where the driver is (me). Right at my face. If it were not for the air bag I would be dead. Both occupants (77 years old) got out of their car and stood unhurt while I could not move and the EMS came and put me on a board to remove me from the car. Misdiagnosed at hospital with a "contusion". The doc gave me one ibioprophin 800 mg. Meanwhile, at home I was falling all over the place in tremendous pain. Called 911 4 times EMS came each time. They told me to put cold pack for 20 mins and then hot pack for 20 mins to releive the tremendous swelling as my right leg was swollen 4 times as big as it should be. After 5 days of that called 911 again. I was delirious with pain. Porta-potty, wheelchair, crutches and a walker were brought in. Finally, the EMS guy said seeing that the swelling was not going down said "This woman does not have a contusion , she has a broken femur!" I had a first set of x-rays where they did not catch the break. The second set they did see it. I was scheduled for surgery the next morning and an orthopedic surgeon put a rod, drilled it into the middle of my femur with a digital x-ray machine to guide it through, and put a plate with screws in my hip and around my kneecap. 3 and 1/2 hour operation and $37,000. That operation took place Feb. 10th, 2009. The accident took place Feb. 4th. Ironically I was in the town above me to get DRIVING GLASSES!!!! I asked the eye doc if he was going to dilate my eyes and he said "We don't do that anymore" OK, sure doc, I was last patient of the day and the last thing he did was dilate my eyes without asking me if I had someone to drive me home or even give me cardboard sunglasses as the sun was blaring. It was 3 PM. I knew I could not drive the 4-Lane home so I went directly across the street to Starbucks and waited 2 and 1/2 hours. I felt as if I was fine to drive at that point and I was extremely careful. I was in the middle of a stip mall so I exited in the middle where there was a Stop sign. I came to a full stop. By now it was 5:30 and more cars because of rush hour. I waited a long time till I saw no cars to proceed to middle island to wait to make the left home. As I approached the island to stop and wait I was creamed. I was issued a ticket that said "Failure to yield after coming to full stop at stop sign". I was bedridden and in no mood to fight this ticket so I paid it. I am told 7 month healing process. I do not think that anything is going to be coming out of me (I mean screws or plats, rods) as I have been reading others stories. They did not give any Occupational Therapy and I think I should have been given it. I am still in pain and I cannot walk more like a slow turtle. I am using a cane with the four legs and walking very, very slowly. I cannot bend my knee. I am a very active person. I go snow skiing since I was 5 years old. I am 51 now. I am seriously considering going to a lawyer because I think this has ruined my quality of life as I am a VERY active and vibrant person. I cannot ride my bike (bicycle enthusiast). I used to ride my Cannondale 4 hours a day for relaxation. That was my therapy. Now I have a German Shepard that I had to delay training because of this and she is great buy not trained properly so she will jump on me put her paw on my leg constantly so I am always yelling at her to stop because it hurts and it makes me cry because I cannot play ball with her as I always did before and walk her to train her. I just lost my father to Alzheimer's and then very soon after my best friend, the most beautiful woman I ever have known, my Mother . She recently died from lung cancer one month exactly before this accident so I am crying all the time.
Then, about three weeks after the operation I started to get paralyzed on one half of my body. I could not sleep a wink and my central nervous system was totally out of whack wheras I would hear a little noise a million times louder. I became psycotic. I thought I was going to die. All I could do was pray. My right side started to become numb. I could not swallow. I lost 20 pounds rapidly. It rained and rained. My German Shepard knew something was drastically wrong. When I went to the ER the doc said there is nothing here we can do for you. I am originally from NYC, Staten Island then moved to South Jersey. I met my husband on the internet and we were married 5 years ago and that is what brought me to the sticks of North Georgia. My doctor warned me of the inferior health care here and boy was he right! I went closer to Atlanta to another hospital because now I was getting cramped up with involuntary movements in my left hand and it hurt like H____. They gave me an Ativan and told me to go home. If no change in 2 days come back. My blood pressure was 210 over 114 and it is always normal after taking .05 mg of blood pressure medicine. I could not talk without stuttering and teeth were falling out of my mouth on the bottom , cracked from the hard hit. I prayed and prayed like never before. Then, like a miracle the day before Easter at 3pm it started to alleviate and Easter Sunday all that CNS compromise dissappeared! Like a miracle! Now I am just suffering from the femur, especially the knee. I wonder if down the road the doc will remove the plate and screws from the knee? He didn't mention it but that is where the main problem is. I cannot walk. All he said on last visiot was "Whatever you do do not twist anything"" and he seemed pleased with his work all the while I was crying. I am completely bummed out and feel as if I will never be able to walk correctly ever again. Sorry to vent so much but I really need to. Have no friends and am living on 6 acres out in the sticks. I can finally drive again. I am still grieving for the loss of my dear beloved Mother and best friend. At least that paralasis has gone. I am afraid it will come back. So strange. It felt as if I was given poisin. I truly felt like I had been dosed. Okay. Enough. Cannot sit here like this anymore. God Bless you ALL and I really feel for all of you. You may write me if you like at val317@yahoo.com. I get on the computer a few times a week, not as much as I used to.
Take good care

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 Sun 9:29pm 19 April 2009
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