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Comment : Re: My shattered femer
Posted by Dave W on Fri 7:33pm 21 May 2004


Just wanted to say hello and wish you good luck and a speedy recovery with the shatterd femur. I shattered my femur last year, and I know all about the intense pain. I fell 18 feet onto my side "femur first" the bone broke in a thousand pieces. when I went anywhere, someone had to hold my leg when I got out of the car or the pain was terrible. My leg was so bad they could not even attach a rod to it, cause there was nothing to attach it to! My doc made me a new "tube" or clasp and put my bone pieces and cadaver bone in there and it has healed well. I still experience pain, but I am walking o.k. The main thing I have going for me is that I am young (33) You will heal just fine, don't push it though, the human body is an amazing thing and can heal well. Ihave talked to people on this site who have not had 1/4 of the experience that we have had and they have had 8 surgeries and infection. One person I know is facing amputation for infection.....Keep you chin up, good luck with the racing..If you ever need someone to chat with regarding shattered femurs, you can e-mail me at dsw43070@hotmail.com..

best of luck to you


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 Fri 7:33pm 21 May 2004
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