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Comment : Re: Jason, Don't sell your bike....
Posted by Nick on Sun 12:43am 4 July 2004

yea dude thats cool ur dad diddnt sell ur bike because i was just out with my buddies getting some seat time in before our next big race just coming off a broken shoulder my buddie is still in the ICU at Loma Linda from a horrible crash at VMC and was knocked out since 10 that night and just woke up around 9 that morning he has brain contusions and swelling of the brain and a tube will most likeley go into his head to drain out the blood and his dad's not letting him hop back on a bike my dad diddnt do it because it what i love i wish his dad would do the same and every other parent out there dont make ur kid giv up what he or she loves its our life! did u make um start ridding? so why make up stop?

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 Sun 12:43am 4 July 2004
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