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Comment : Re: Can you find a PT?
Posted by Adri on Fri 1:55pm 20 March 2009

Vikki thank you so much for the advice.. I have actually tried what u said I also tried applying heat to my knee and letting my leg hang from the side of the bed n letting gravity work it's way but it doesn't seem to b working. I got it to bend a little but not enough... I'm not a patient person and I get fustrated very fast because I have been laying in this bed for 2 1/2 months already!!! I try to take it day by day but seems impossible!I'm already full in bills seeing as how I have paid for all bills out of pocket(well my mom n boyfriend have) so a PT is not really possible at the time. Thanks so much for reading my diary, and I hope ur healing is fast n much more less painful than mine... Take care....

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 Fri 1:55pm 20 March 2009
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