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Posted by earleh on Mon 2:08pm 12 July 2010

On May 26, 2010, I slipped and broke my right fibula while fly fishing. After stabilizing the break and traveling 40 miles to a rural Montana hospital, the x-rays revealed I had a comminuted spiral fracture of the distal right fibula. The medical staff at the hospital recommended I return to Texas immediately for surgery.

On May 27, 2010 my wife and I returned to Texas. On May 28, 2010 I underwent open reduction and internal fixation surgery including a support plate and seven screws. On May 29 I was released from the hospital and experienced intense pain the first five hours after returning home my fault, I let the pain get ahead of the prescribed pain medication. On May 31 I took my last pain pill and have experienced no pain since (as of this posting).

On June 11 the surgical staples were removed along with the surgical bandages and I was given a boot to wear for protection. I was to continue with no weight bearing. I discovered a knee walker (like a scooter) while convalescing. The knee walker has been fabulous for moving around. On June 25 the doctor appointment and x-rays revealed little except I was to continue with no weight bearing. On my July 12 doctor appointment, new x-rays along with the 45 days since the surgery and no weight bearing all paid off. The doctor released me to use crutches or walker and add approximately 50% weight on my right leg. I have done this now and everything seems to be pointed toward full recovery.

I still have a little swelling but the doctor said it would decrease during the next six weeks. Ive no reason to doubt him since hes been very accurate to this point. I am a healthy 73 year old male.

I have seen so many negative posts relating to broken legs on the internet I felt it was important to post some good news.

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 Mon 2:08pm 12 July 2010
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