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Comment : Suggestion: Go to Singapore!
Posted by Alex on Tue 9:50pm 13 July 2010

They have world class medical care, at prices much cheaper than the USA. (Not sure how they compare globally)

I don't think you want to mess around with DIY medicine or country doctors. See an expert in Singapore and make sure that everything is on the right track.

For what it's worth I was in a similar situation and broke my leg in Indonesia (spiral fracture of tibula and fibula) a couple months back and had the surgery done in Singapore. I hear that Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore is supposed to be the very best, I went to a different hospital (Raffles) and can personally attest to the very high standard of care that I received there. Really, any hospital in Singapore should be quite good. FYI, I had Access America travel health insurance and they arranged and paid for everything.

By the way, Singapore is a very comfortable place, but the penalty for bringing illegal substances into Singapore is DEATH, so be aware.

Good luck.

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 Tue 9:50pm 13 July 2010
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