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Adrienne : we are not damaged goods
Diary entry posted Thu 10:33pm 27 June 2002

We are not damaged goods.

We are higher quality goods, as we're on our way to being more fully enlightened beings.

We are learning how we took all the wonders and simple joys of life for granted.

We will remember this lesson well and carry it with us for years, maybe even decades to come.

We are becomming more compassionate beings everyday, because while we are in pain and dealing with our own issues, we still find the strength and courage to be there for others.

We are growing spiritually from our resolve to be strong and survive, to not stay down, but to reach out when we need to, and to help others when we can.We are mastering our own universe, learning how to do things while physically challenged and facing exhausting limitations.

We are not laying still as victims, but learning how to fiercely conquer our environments with our walkers and crutches in hand or our wheelchairs beneath our butts.

We are being creative every moment... like gods, we explore new ways to accomplish old tasks.

We are turning everyday chores into works of art with some tweaks and adjustments.

We are angels who soar (or type) to the rescue of fellow MBLers. Our clicking of the keys can bestow smiles and laughter, calm nerves and ease pains. We are merciful, yet mighty.

We have been given a challenge, and everyday we rise to the occassion. This challenge is not for everyone. This challenge is not for the weak, yet this challenge will make those who think themselves weak grow strong in will and spirit and in faith and heart.

Do not see yourself as damaged. Clearly you cannot be. We are all traveling a path right now. Only we can decide where it leads. Only we have that power. Each of our paths is very different. Yet each of our paths shares common terrain. And I promise you this.... no one travels this path without gaining some enlightenment. And enlightenment is always a good thing. You are already better than you were before. And your journey is not yet over.

Heal well and heal quickly.


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 Thu 10:33pm 27 June 2002
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