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Adrienne : Another sign of true healing!
Diary entry posted Sun 1:37pm 4 August 2002

This morning, I decided that it was time to get back in the saddle. As most of you know, I'm a weight lifting junkie. Well, today I went to the gym and did LEG WEIGHTS. Yes! You read it correctly. I did the leg sled (60lbs), the leg press (115lbs), the leg curl (40lbs), the hip adductor (50lbs), and the hammerstrength calf press (90lbs). Then I walked on the treadmill for 13 minutes at 2.4-3.0 miles per hour. Toward the end of my leg weight routine (which is extremely mild -- maybe half of what I used to do) my legs muscles were getting that shaky fatigued feeling that they used to get ... when I pressed around double what I did today. I guess that just goes to show what happens to the body after three months of not doing what it's used to doing.

But I did it. And it felt REALLY GOOD. I think it is even going to help my back alignment when I stretch out in a little while.

The funniest thing, which I know all of you will really be able to relate to... is that after so long of doing nothing, today I felt like a super athlete. yeah, I knew I was doing very little compared to what I used to do, but I kept thinking how far I had come and that what I was doing was something I didn't know if I would be able to do again when I broke my leg. BUT I DID IT! And IT FELT GOOD!

So I had to share this because I KNOW that wherever you are in your BL journey, someday in the not so distant future, you will be doing the stuff you did before (or very close to it) and you'll feel like super athletes too.


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 Sun 1:37pm 4 August 2002
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