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Adrienne : Survivor MBL challenge #2
Diary entry posted Wed 6:53pm 28 August 2002



All contestants must go to the mall and accomplish the following things in order to successfully complete the challenge:

1. crutch from the bottom level of one side of the mall (3 LEVELS) to the top level of the other side using escalators... elevator use disqualifies you

2. try on a minimum of three pairs of pants in a dressing room... because new ones are needed due to the cast --- stipulation #1 --> there is no chair or seat or stool of any type in the dressing room... but there are two hooks for the hangers... stipulation #2 ---> noone is allowed to help you

3. purchase at least two pairs of pants, shorts, sweatpants... whatever, which will be worth throughout the ensuing challenges

4. use a public restroom, however the handicapped stall has NO TOILET PAPER and there is toilet paper and wet spots all over the TILED floor

5. find a place to get a soft drink, iced coffee... some type of beverage, then purchase it and drink it.... stipulation #1 --> not a restaurant... but a food court so the drink must be carried to a table... stipulation #2 --> rude children and teenagers are yelling at you because you are too slow... stipulation #3 --> rude teenagers and children are running into you because they are not looking where they are going

Other Stipulations
1. it is a busy friday night with lots of teenagers and children everywhere
2. elevator use is not allowed
3. wheelchair use is not allowed
4. you have an 8 year old child with you
5. falling disqualifies you
6. receiving assistance disqualifies you
7. there are teenagers on all of the benches where you MIGHT be able to sit and rest

I'm not sure if this is too easy.... LOL

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 Wed 6:53pm 28 August 2002
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