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Adrienne : Life goes on and it's all good!
Diary entry posted Wed 1:31pm 2 October 2002

I am now officially at the 6 month mark.

This morning I went to the gym and did leg weights again and set a new record. I can now press half of the weight I was pressing before my fractures! I pressed 55 lbs with my formerly BL. When I first started back at the gym, I could only do 30.. and only six reps, two sets. Today I did about 14 reps for 5 sets!!!!

I can also walk around the whole day with NO PAIN. Yes, you read it right! Painful days are fewer and farther between, and even then, now I'm just sore as opposed to pain. And the weather no longer affects me! It's super humid here today and my leg could care less. (Though I might like it better if it were a little cooler. lol)

I also walked a mile after I did my weights. And NO PAIN!!!

We do heal and life goes on. And it's all good!

Mega super duper healing rays to all!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 Wed 1:31pm 2 October 2002
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