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Adrienne : ways to pass the time
Diary entry posted Mon 12:11pm 10 June 2002

Mind you that while these posts are days apart, I am currently 5 weeks into my BL. The worst factor was BOREDOM. Particularly when you're as busy as I was before the break.

This is something I posted 3 weeks post break. Thought you might laugh at the level of instanity I was CLEARLY experiencing due to BOREDOM. Since then, I bought a DVD player online and set it up and between the DVDs I constantly get from Netflix, books, and meditation, I'm usually amused.

Anyway, here's the post:

It's only been three weeks and I've lost my original burst of momentum. Now I am dying of boredom. If you have any ideas on how to pass the time, please feel free to post them.

Here's a list of my astounding accomplishments to date:

read eleven books (nonfiction -- woohoo -- I can feel my brain expanding by the minute)

started coloring (a friend bought me coloring books hehehe). Does this mean I am regressing? Hmmm?

rearranged clothes in drawers that could be reached but did not attempt to rearrange clothes in drawers that could not be reached

have NOT been reduced to watching soap operas (thank god for SMALL favors).

have cleaned the same areas of the bathroom (areas that I can reach, which means that my bathroom will be split like so --->>> half disgustingly dirty & half sparkling clean)

rearranged my get well soon cards three times. I think insanity is starting to set in.

played with animal crakers making the horse jump over all the other animal EXCEPT the elephant because that just seemed RIDICULOUS. (the animal crackers were a gift from the same friend who gave me the coloring books. I see a pattern forming here.)

watched the spanish channel wondering if I could pick up a foreign language while mending some broken bones, but got a headache and shut the TV off

rearranged the pile of books I have read wondering if I should reread any

ordered new pile of books from amazon.com

hoping to learn how to conquer the world with the help of amazon.com



meditated but fell asleep while in the middle of the meditation (it happens THANK GOD)

fantasized about having s** with my VERY SMART, SEXY, AND FUNNY OS

wondered how one would have S** with a cast on

wondered how loud I'll scream when I see the frankensteinish scars on my once very sexy and shapely leg

mastered closing the bedroom door with a crutch because I hate sleeping with it open, and it's TOO MUCH WORK to get out of bed when I'm half asleep

mastered how to trap myself in my bed with pillows so that I don't wake up and try to walk on my broken leg... DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS FEAR OR AM I NOW OFFICIALLY COMPLETELY FREAKING NUTS?

went up and down the stairs on my butt (like I had any other options with a sprain and a few breaks) just to get some exercise

began a somewhat bizarre ritual of lotioning my skin every other hour on the hour

scared myself multiple times at the thought of how hairy my leg will be when this cast comes off and gets traded for a walking one

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 Mon 12:11pm 10 June 2002
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