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Al : fire trucks are slippery when wet
Diary entry posted Sat 7:08am 1 October 2005

As a volunteer firefighter for the past 12+ years, I couldn't count how many times I have jumped up onto, and down from the pump control panel of our fire truck. But on 9/15/05 the landing wasn't pretty and my leg went out from under me on the wet step. I crawled up to the control panel and shut it down, finished up at scene, gathered my equipment and crew and drove back to the station. As I limped into the firehouse an EMT helped me over to the ambulance and we removed my sneaker and sock. The swelling and dis-coloration were very apparent. I refused the ambulance ride to the ER, and drove home. The wife and I made the 1/2 trip to the ER (she drove), I limped in to register. Got the x-ray and it was very clear to see a fractured fibula. The ER doc wrapped it up with ace bandages and a small plaster thing molded to the rear of my leg and down under my foot, gave me some crutches and pain pills and instructions to call the ortho guy in the morning.
I got the first appointment I could ( for tues 9/20/05). He told me that if I were to choose the type of break, this would be the one. fractured fibula about 2 inches above the ankle, no ligament or tendon damage.
He prescribed my "Darth boot" and I go back on tue 9/27/05 for follow up and another x-ray.
As for work, I'm a supervisor at a 9-1-1 center which is fine cause I can sit with my foot up most of the time. The biggest problem is the 1 hour drive to get there.
I went into work on thurs 9/22 but was super exhausted when i got home.
I took another sick day today and stayed in bed till 8
Spending most of the day in the recliner with the remote and a laptop.
we'll see what happens next week.

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 Sat 7:08am 1 October 2005
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