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Comment : Re: workers comp
Posted by Neil3 on Mon 2:29pm 3 October 2005

The volunteer dept. Im on call for is very small. It is right outside Lake Powell UT. at bullfrog marina. The Feds handle all lake rescues, fires and whatnot. They can call us in if they need assistance. The Uranium mines are opening back up and we should see a large increase in the population and possible caveins or mining related emergencies. We will probably get offered special training for such instances. We are mostly called out to wildland fires or car wrecks.
Things are looking good for a job offer with SLC fire this spring or early summer. Im still testing everywhere I can though.
That would be great to have all the "special" rescue equipment with our voly dept. I would love to be on a water rescue team. Ill probably end up going paramedic though. You guys really have a great operation going there. Ever talk of needing a paid full-time dept. in the future? Probably be great for you to switch from the call center into a full paid dept.
Thats great you were able to use sick days and have the workers comp option. Ive been living off of savings lol.
Hope you make quick full recovery! Keep the 3 points of contact when getting on or off the engine lol

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 Mon 2:29pm 3 October 2005
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