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Al_T : Off the crutches!
Diary entry posted Thu 10:48pm 15 December 2005

Judy and Diane,

I went back to the doc, and my leg has shown some good bone growth. Im now off the crutches, and using a cane mainly for balance. The doc is making me keep the boot on as an added precaution in case I slip. Ill probobly use the cane for the rest of the month. On bad days it will be one crutch.

Its great walking without the crutches!!!!!!!!

Im stumbling a little bit and limping, so Im using Friday and the weekend to get my balance back a bit and will be back at work on Monday.

Only possible problem is the rod shifted a little in the leg and I may need to undergo more surgery to get it removed if it causes problems. Its a likely possibility I need to prepare for, so when I may be a bit preoccupied when I get back (no stress, No Stress!). What theyll do is open me up again and pop the bone out and slip the rod out. Im scared of this, because the pain was really, really bad. But Ill cross that bridge when I come to it.

I feel great though!

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 Thu 10:48pm 15 December 2005
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