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Al_T : Being disabled
Diary entry posted Wed 4:47am 21 December 2005

I never knew how hard it was to be a disabled person. I work for the government and trip the metal detector every morning now, and have top get wanded and occasionally padded down. I understand the concern, after all, I do work on Capitol hill.

However, some police are better than others. Yesterday I was screamed at. Today I had a great one. All depends on the person and mood. Theyll all get to know me. I had a great conversation with one yesterday who was very friendly and courteous about it.

The subway is another. If there's no elevator or escalator in service Im stuck there or have to painstakingly climb the stairs. So far people have been good about giving me the disabled seat, though often I feel someone needs it more than me.

Yesterday a colleigue brought me a ton of plastic forks and spoons that I didnt realize I ran out of. People are generally good.

I did have one guy who acted pretty stupid though. He asked me if it was true if the bone could be seen pertuding out of the leg. And the really dumb one "gee, you must have been in agony..."

People dont know what to say, so I just smile :)


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 Wed 4:47am 21 December 2005
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