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Comment : Trimalleolar FX Hiking Napali Coastline, Hawaii Feb. 12, 04
Posted by Caron on Thu 11:08am 25 March 2004

My sister & brother in law were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Kauai, Hawaii, so my husband and myself went along. The third day of the trip we decided to take a hike along the Napali coastline. Thinking it was just a tourist thing, only wore my running shoes. It was a tough hike, was thinking all the way my footwear was not good enough. About 2 miles in we took a small, steep short cut, my right foot slipped, caught a rock and rolled over. Hearing the loud crack I knew right away it was broken, and by the odd, hanging angle. My husband stayed with me, the others went for help, asking everyone to try their cell phones on the way down, no signals.

Amazingly enough, there was a medical conference on the island. They ran into an orthopedic surgeon and an er doctor from New York on their way down. They came and found me, set my ankle on the trail (ouch), splinted it with bark and grass and ace bandages they had with them. Another guy came by with Vicadin and gave me two of those.

The only way out was by the fire department helicopter. Two men and a basket dropped down, they put me in the basket, hung on the sides and coptered me along the coastline until they could land, put me in the copter and then on to an ambulance, to the hospital. In the meantime, the doctor from New York hiked out with my husband to make sure he was safe. Another lady gave me her raincoat.

In the ER I found I had a trimalleolar fracture of the right ankle and cracked heel. Had surgery that night, needed a plate and 8 screws. Went back to our hotel the next day.

This happened on 2/12/04, spent six week in a hard cast and am now in a soft cast, allowed to put a small amount of pressure while walking on crutches. Am supposed to do the alphabet with my foot 3-4 times a day. Back to the doctor in another month. What a long process this.

I am more than grateful to everyone I met on the trail that day, the doctors and hospital personnel (Wilcox Memorial Hospital), am very positive about my recovery. There are so many good people - keep the faith . . .

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 Thu 11:08am 25 March 2004
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