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Alex2 : Hello everybody and my story.
Diary entry posted Mon 2:55pm 24 July 2006

Hi everybody - I just ran across this site while googling around for aircasts. I wish I had known about this site about 3 months ago, when I first had my accident. Anyway, here is my story:

I'm a 38 year old guy, married, one 2 year old boy (the BEST kid on the planet!). I was out for a bike ride with a friend on the morning of April 30th 2006. I was wearing my helmet and we were taking a nice slow ride down to the Mount Vernon trail. I guess I should mention that I live in Old Town Alexandria, very near Washington DC. Well, we were riding slowly through the quiet city streets (it was a warm and clear Sunday mornng, about 9AM). We were riding from one intersection to the next and I arrived there a few bike lengths or more ahead of my friend. It was a 4 way stop and I stopped and unclipped out of my pedals (road bike with clip-in pedals). I looked all directions and saw an SUV coming up to the stop sign. It was doing about the speed limit and I figured it was going to stop. Well, you can probably guess the rest. I gently pushed off and clipped in to my pedal and BAM!!! she ran the stop sign and clocked me at about 20 miles an hour with her 4000lb SUV. Threw me in the air and badly broke my lower right leg. When I first landed I thought I was OK. I was lying on my right side and was sitting up on my arm and was like "Wow - that wasn't too bad. I feel OK for just having been hit by an SUV". Then I tried to get up. Then I told my friend to call 911. In a calm voice I said "My right leg is toast". I called my wife from the ambulance and the poor thing was a wreck when I told her where I was.

Anyway - it was a tib/fib break. They put in a titanium rod in from the knee down to the ankle. Screws up top and at the ankle. I have never, ever, EVER felt pain like when I had to get up off that hospital bed for the first time. Holy freeakin' jeeminee Christmas! I literally collapsed into the arms of the nurses and they stuck a shot of something (morphine?) into my leg. Well, I finally got to go home and take lots of lovenox (anti-coagulation meds administered through giving yourself shots in the stomach) and percacet.

I went in for the 8 week xrays and things were progressing slowly. Which scared me when I went in last week, for the 12 week update. A non-union was the news. I knew in my heart that something was wrong. I haven't had any pain, but the leg was moving in ways I didn't think it should be moving.

So, here I am getting ready for another surgery. My doc says it's not life threatening (or leg threatening) if I take a vacation first. So the wife and I are off to the beach at the end of this week for one week. Then I get to come back and have a bone graft (out of the femur) and a plate inserted into the front of the tib. I'm just hoping that the pain will be a lot less this time around.

Well, thanks for letting me share my story and I'm sure you all will be hearing from me a lot starting around August 8th as I will beginning yet another recooperation.


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 Mon 2:55pm 24 July 2006
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