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Alex_B : my broken leg story
Diary entry posted Tue 10:47pm 24 January 2006

Jan.16 2006 was like any other day in hawaii.it was a beautiful day(and not to mention a holiday) i had to make the most of it.so i did,i surfed in the morning and rode my dirtbike in the afternoon.that's were the day turned out not to be like any other day.I went to my friends' track to get a couple of practice laps in. i was on my third lap when it happened,i had jumped this tabletop many of times and this time i don't know what happened.as i was in the air i noticed that the front of my bike was starting to nose dive.the next thing i knew i saw the ground coming up quick.i had no time to react.i landed on my front tire and went over the handlebars.i went tumbling on the ground and
was kind of slow getting up,i checked if everything was intact and it was.i prayed to GOD and hoped that nothing was broken.then i noticed that my right foot was pointing in the wrong direction. i knew that something wasn't right.then the shock set in and saw that my leg was limp.i knew that i had broken something.i took off my boot and saw my calf swollen really bad.just then this guy that i had just meet earlier(peter) came to my rescue.he asked if i was alright,i told him that i might have broken my ankle or something.he got off of his bike and helped me up.he brought his truck up closer to where we were and i tried to hobble to it.it was difficult to get to his truck because of the terrain.about halfway there i sort of colapsed,so he dragged me the rest of the way.
then he drove me to where my truck was and i called my wife and told her the bad news and
to come and pick me up.then peter made a make shift splint out of a piece of wood and bandage me up.i later found out that he used to be a paramedic(what are the odds).about half an hour later my wife and father-in-law came to bring me to the e.r.
the dr. in the e.r. said that i had a sprial fracture in my fibula and broke my tibia in two places,not so good news.oh well that's my story of my broken leg.i would like to thank peter(truly an angel in disguise) for all the help.thanks man and GOD BLESS YOU!

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 Tue 10:47pm 24 January 2006
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