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Comment : Re: Broken Fib
Posted by Alex_E on Thu 4:13pm 19 May 2005

Hey Tina. Thanks for your message. What always amazes me is how easily us humans can get broken bones! You did it by falling down just two steps, and I did it by just landing awkwardly when running!
I know exactly what you're feeling at the moment, regarding the frustrations and just wanting to be able to walk again. It's difficult to give any individual advice, but I really do think that once you've cracked it mentally and emotionally, even though you're still not walking, then you've won half the battle. Time does fly and I bet you can remember when you wrote your reply to me, and how two weeks have gone by now since that!Don't ever set yourself targets that get your hopes up considerably. Be pessimistic with your targets, because then time goes quicker and you become less frustrated than, say if you miss a target by weeks! Every case is different. I was told by my surgeon that if I wanted to get back to how I was, near to 100% again, then the most important part of everything that happens to me, from the moment I break my leg to the time i'm running again, is the physio and the regeneration of the leg. It's been 10 months since I broke my leg and I can still only walk, but about 5 months ago I had to admit to myself that this was gonna take a long time, and that there was no point that I beat myself up about it. Now, 5 months on, I'm back to 'normal' life, in that I'm walking, working, and being me!Think of stuff that can really benefit yourself internally. Doing stuff that you just never would have had time for before. Discover more of your passions etc! I hope that helps.
My situation is that I'm doing my ankle exercises every day now for approx 20 mins, and then putting it into a bucket of ice! Nice huh! My ankle is definitely looking more like an ankle now and I am walking completely pain free! I still have a long time till I can run and play football again, and my exercises will gradually increase and be more strenuous as time goes on. I am doing stretches, pushes, gentle weights, and gentle cycling at the moment. I hope to be jogging by the autumn, but will see how that goes.
Once you're at a better stage of recovery don't ever take any risks, no mater how small they may seem! I have had a couple of close calls already! remember it will be weak, but you will be running before you know it! Be encouraged! :)I remmeber being in your posiiton and writing things to people andfrantically reading peoples stories and getting advice, and now, suddenly, i'm back on my feet again! You'll be fine, i know people probably keep on saying that, but actually it's true! Take it slow and be careful! :) All the best.

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 Thu 4:13pm 19 May 2005
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