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Comment : Re: Broken Fib
Posted by Jeff on Sat 8:15pm 20 August 2005

On November 21 2005, I was checking out a couple of different Tree stands for the gun season and just so happened to get hold of a bad limb amd fell about 15 feet to the ground landing hard on my right leg. once on the ground I noticed my foot was upside down, I moved it and heard the worst sound, it was my bones grinding together, then I got scared. I tried reaching for my cell phone and realized that I had forgotten it, then I became more worried. I started yelling , hopig that someone would hear me, but after about 30 minutes of that I realized noone was coming so I began crawling to the edge of the woods so that I could at least see the road and my neighbors barn. I began yelling again, but no reply. Finally I saw my neighbor coming down the road (what a relief).One I saw him get off of his tractor I fired my rifle 3 times into the air. He heard the shots and came to my rescue. I explained to him what had happend. He made a splint out of his shirt and a tobacco stick that he had in the back of his pick up because my foot would turn in every direction.Afterwards he loaded me up in the back of his truck and off to meet my wife and tell her what had happened. They proceeded to load me into our van and off to the ER. Once at the ER they took off my boot and cut off all of my clothing. Once seein that it was a compound fracture(two bones sticking out of my inner right ankle) they said that it was considered a trauma and they sent me to a different hospital where they proceeded to treat me (FINALLY). I found out later that I had broken both my tib and fib in several different places. They put two 11 inch plates and 18 screws in me. Two months later I had to have a bone graft because the bones werent healing well. Here it is 8 months later still in pain and my ankle is very stiff. I can walk on it, but not without pain and swelling. I have a Doctors visit an the 22 of August so wish me luck

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 Sat 8:15pm 20 August 2005
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