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Alexis_H : Broken leg - external fixator
Diary entry posted Wed 11:29am 14 March 2007

On 17th Feb 07 I slipped on some rubbish and fell down 6 stairs on my way into a London tube station. I was on my way to the airport to fly home to Scotland.
A very kind lady waited with me and called an ambulance, after 45 mins the ambulance found us.
I knew my leg was broken as my foot was at a 90 degree angle to my leg.
The paramedics gave me gas and air and had to straighten my foot my ankle was dislocated, my fav boots also had to be cut off.
The only other experience I had had with broken legs was my boyfriends shattered tib and fib and subsequent op a couple of years previous, I thought I'd get a plaster cast and be on my way to the airport after all he was hit by 2 cars and I had only fallen down some steps.
At the hospital they informed me I had broken my tib and fib, dislocated my ankle, displaced ankle bone and ripped the ligaments.
The docs reset my leg and put it in a cast, however after more x rays it still wasn't in place, so off with the cast for attempt 2, which was also unsucessful, the third attempt was done under general anasthetic at which point they were happy with the position of my bones.
The plan now was once all the swelling went down to do an op to put a metal plate and bolt in my ankle.
500 miles from home I settled in to wait the few days for my op, unfortunately huge blisters appeared around my leg they were thought to be either fracture blisters or an allergy to the plaster cast, so on with a back slab and it would be a few more days for the blisters to die down.
The blisters then got infected so after a few days of them being drained with needles and a week and a half in hospital, I had an op to have an exteral fixator to hold things in place, there are five metal rods 2 drilled in my shin and 3 drilled in my foot and they are connected by giant mechano.
My travel insurance paid for an ambulance to take me home as I wasn't allowed to fly so after 10 and a half hours I was home.
I have been attending the local hospital where they discovered a second break in my fib. Unfortunately although my bones are back in place they are showing no sign of healing and my foot is not in the correct postion, so back at hosp tomorrow to book an op to remove the fixator and have the original op to have the bolt and plate in my ankle.

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 Wed 11:29am 14 March 2007
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