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Alicia : 3/22-4/13 The Glow-In-The-Dark cast
Diary entry posted Fri 11:46pm 4 May 2007

I went to my OS appointment, with a handfull of questions and an impatience to get this cast off. My mother drove me in and we had the bright odea of taking the digital camera and taking pictures of my x-rays. I finally had something to show my colleages and family so they would understand that I really am in pain. The nurse removed the cast again and sent me down the hall for x-rays. My OS told me that the leg was healing well and it was time for a walking cast. I was already hoping for a AirCast (lovingly known here on MBL as the darth boot) but no such luck. Fortunately, I was prepared. After lovingly decorating my Purple cast, my children had decided on Glow-In-The-Dark for this cast. I coul djust about bend my ankle to the 90 degree angle that my OS wanted me to be at.

Perhaps this cast color was not the best of ideas. I had forgotten that I would be in Washington D.C for a Gala event the following Tuesday, a fancy formal event. But the people there were very kind about everything, brought me nibbles, and made sure I was seated before the others were so that I would not be shuffled about. The cast did get me some brownie points. We were raising money for the March of Dimes (for those of you in the UK, the March of Dimes raises money for programs and research for premature infants), and we were discussing the 5 mile walk coming up at the end of April. When asked why I was still raising money and creating a team of walkers. My response was "Not only do I believe in this cause, as three of my children were born premature, who can say no to me? If I can find the strength to walk even with a broken leg, how can they not find the strength to donate?" I can honestly say that this event gave me an excellent goal to work for. Not only did I want to walk for this, I was determined to do my part for this amazing cause. I felt that people were depending on me to do my part and it really was a great incentive.

So, on went the cast and away I went. This time I was able to actually go out to lunch and not be queasy when I was done! There is a great little hole in the wall place that made really good healthy sandwich wraps and real fruit smoothies that are very filling. My body has always been smarter than me and told my stomach what is best for me. Before knowing about MBL, and hearing the wonderful guidelines that are suggested when it comes to good food to eat, my body was already craving fruits, veggies, and light, but healthy food.

After coming home, not understanding about weight bearing, non weight bearing or full weight bearing, I figured that being in a walking cast meant I could walk. So I started shuffling along with my crutches. It really bloody hurt, but I figured I was supposed to start walking and continued through the pain. After roughly two weeks, I was able to hobble about the house (thank God it is only one level) well enough. I still used my stool to do dishes and fold laundry. If I was going to walk any further than the bathroom, I would use my cane in the house. I still used my crutches whenever I left the house though.

The swelling in my leg and ankle were steadily decreasing. A week after I first got this cast, the top was a bit loose, but it was still snug around my calf and ankle. After two weeks, I could wiggle my ankle, but only when my leg was elevated. As soon as I lowered my leg, it would swell back up and my toes would change color. I had asked my OS about this. He said it was normal and that my legs were still re-learning how to circulate the blood flow between my knee and toes.

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 Fri 11:46pm 4 May 2007
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