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Posted by Angel2 on Fri 4:41pm 12 August 2011

Really? HE broke your knee and has the nerve to act as he has? Not carrying you back to the house would have been a solid "ggod bye, hit the road" moment.
Alicia, the recovery alone will be hard. Dealing with this jerk is not worth the mental or emotional anguish.
You put a lot in your diary so I do not feel out of line saying these things, the way he is behaving is abusive. The things you have written indicate that he is nothing but a selfish bully. can you actually imagine being with this guy for the long haul? Kids with him?
If your best friend had the exact same situation, or a cousin or a sister, what would you tell them to do?
I get very aggitated when I see a woman allowing herself to be mistreated, becuase that was me at your age. I was with a real selfish bully. And I allowed myself to stay in that situation for way to long. I look back now and wish that someone had been blunt with me. This boy (not man, boy) is not going to change. I know there are probably moments of brilliance where you think "this is the man he could be and I really love this man" but that is all they are, moments.
Think of this accident as a blessing and use it for ehat it is. You broken knee could mean a clean "break" from this jerk.
I wish you luck honey.


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 Fri 4:41pm 12 August 2011
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