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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Welcome to the club!
Posted by Annette on Tue 12:04pm 5 October 2004

Hi Alison!
I sure can relate to the toenail polish dilemma! My sister removed it from my bad foot the next day so I could make sure my nailbed color was good, but my good foot was left to peel and chip. I finally took it off this past sunday after I finally found my remover! (Have a teenage daughter)!

I wish I could send you one of my wheelchairs! I have a loaner from my Aunt that passed away and one that the workers' comp insurance rented for me. I know I am very fortunate with them. I keep one in my car and just use crutches to get to the car.

Since you live in a big city, isn't there a drug store that makes deliveries? My mom has a pharmacy that makes deliveries to her apartment complex because it's a senior residence. Check around-you might get lucky!

Have you tried contacting Catholic Social Services, Salvation Army, etc.? They may be able to hook you up with a Wheelchair-even if it's a loaner.

I am grateful every day that I broke mine at work! I'm losing a ton of money, but still have enough. It's all the "This is not a bill" statements from the comp insurance that makes me grateful! 715.00 for anesthesia, 538 for the ambulance, 1500.00 for FX repair, labs, x-rays, meds, office visits, ETC., ETC.!!

Don't despair. There's always somebody who has it worse than you. And when you're blue there's always this sight with so many understanding, caring, supportive people! I think I have a cousin that lives in DC-wish I could send her to you with nail polish remover and aloe vera GEL! Her husband overheard somebody say that the hardest thing they had to do the day Pres Clinton finally fessed up to cheating was to cover his black eye before going on TV! He was working at the White House that day!

Don't forget to call the churches! You really do them a favor by letting them help you. You might meet a lifelong friend who will someday be a second Grandma to your kids (the ones you don't have yet)!

If you get rejected from the insurance-reapply! I don't know anything about it, really, but I think you can apply for short-term disability also. Post a message on the discussion board for more info!

Good for you for not letting people take advantage!That's the last thing you need is for something to happen to your car! If she sticks around to help you out, maybe you could go with her when your ankle is feeling better. Riding in the backseat is the best way to go. With plenty of leg props, of course! Oh yeah, and pillows for your back. If my 41 year old butt can handle it-you can! I'm going to see Miss Saigon tonight . It's an hour or more ride each way AND my seats are in the Upper Balcony! I'm actually waiting for a phone call to see about special seating, cause I don't even want to deal with the crutches from the parking ramp to the UPper Balcony! I'm spoiled, I know. I have a gorgeous, HOT HOT HOT 34 year old fiance that pushes my wheelchair around to boot! We've been together for 4 1/2 years-been through a lot of good and bad. Turns out the Broken ankle was the best thing ever! We were broken up when it happened, I was seeing somebody else, etc. 4 weeks on the couch made me really get to know the other guy (wanted him to get out of my face after the first day!!) and gave me time to think about a lot of stuff. Anyway, it turns out MBL brought God back into my life, made me want to sincerely apologize to Brad, brought him to me, and turns out he had become a new man with God in his life.

I have a point. You don't know yet what blessings you're BL situation will bring to you. It's also made me even more of a Look on the bright side kind of girl because I'm on this sight every day trying to encourage people. How am I doing?

Take Care! If you'd rather e-mail me, my address is afsteve63@yahoo.com

Oh yeah, my stomach quit being upset by the meds when I started eating more. (The other guy couldn't cook to save his life!) Nasty! Undercooked, American cheese omlettes, etc.!! First time Brad made me an omlette, I thought I was in heaven for sure! Yummy food, brand new loving man in the same HOT body (He's been working out since he was 17). What more could a girl ask for?

Chin up!

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 Tue 12:04pm 5 October 2004
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