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Comment : Pain
Posted by Annette on Wed 6:43am 20 October 2004

Hi allison,

If the cast is too big, don't hesitate to go get it changed. They should move your ankle up more toward a 90 degree angle every time you get a new cast and that is a good thing! It hurts when they do that, but not nearly as much as having contracted tendons from being in a fixed position for too long. This I know because I finally got my fiberglass cast off yesterday and it turns out my ankle WASN'T at a 90 degree angle. I got a "walking" brace/boot and OH MY GOD the pain was unbelievable when the sadistic lady tried to shove my foot into the thing. My heel simply WILL NOT go down like it's supposed to because the achilles is contracted. I cried several times yesterday and I only did that once before due to pain (post-op cast was too tight).

On the bright side, I got to take a bath-two of them-and it was wonderful!! I got all the nasty skin, hair and scabs off my leg and foot. FABULOUS!! It's a lot better this morning! THANK GOD!!!! I get to start doing excercises today to stretch those tendons back out. Friggin hurts, but if I don't, I'll never walk right again and my chicken leg will not improve.

Speaking of chicken legs! My bad leg is at least HALF the size of the good one. I look like a deformed freak when you look at them side by side! Unused muscles may also be part of your pain problem-cramping as they shrink. MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE OS TO CHECK YOUR TENDON SITUATION!! I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I'm here to tell you I wanted somebody to shoot me it hurt so bad yesterday!


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 Wed 6:43am 20 October 2004
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