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Comment : Re: Pain
Posted by Alison on Wed 10:00am 20 October 2004

I don't think the cast is too big just yet, particularly compared to what it was like the last time they have to change it. I have nine days until my next appointment (which will be at just under six weeks), so I think I will be fine til -- at least -- then.

I asked you on your diary page if there was anything that could be done to prevent the contracted tendons. I am frustrated to think that there would be that kind of setback so late in the game.

I flex my foot -- to the extent that I can with the cast on with the hopes that it will make the move up to 90 degrees easier the next time around. I think I am at about 110 now. They changed the cast and put it in that position at 2.5 weeks. (I am now at 4 weeks and one day -- despite the fact that it seems soooooo much longer.)

Thanks for the advice, once again. You really have been a fabulous friend.

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 Wed 10:00am 20 October 2004
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