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Comment : Re: Re: Hi
Posted by Annette on Mon 2:03pm 1 November 2004

Hey Allison,
So, where are you getting all this advice that has you leaning toward no surgery? When considering other people's advice-ALWAYS consider the source!!

Is it raining where you are? Or overcast and cloudy? Despite what some people may say, I believe weather has an affect on our joints, etc. Not to mention moods!!

I have no clue how these doctors think we can figure out 40 pounds or 10 percent blah, blah, blah!! Mine just tells me put as much weight on it as I can tolerate. That is increasing little by little as is the range of motion. I kind of use my bad leg when I'm walking on crutches now. WHOOPEE.

I think it would take A LOT to displace your bones from where they are now. I fell REALLY HARD-TWICE straight down on my bad foot one week after surgery. Those casts protect more than you think is possible!

Definitely, always get a second opinion. What happens if you don't get the surgery and then don't heal? Then do you have to have it anyway? Would you possibly be delaying surgery, therefor, delaying recovery, because you're afraid of it? Hmm? Just a thought. My doctor told me opne of the advantages of surgery was that it reduced the chance of arthritis later in life. I don't want to be OLD AND CRIPPLED (ever) so I went for it. I can guarentee that I will have the HW removed as soon as possible, though. It bugs me, but others have no problem whatsoever with theirs.

Smile! MBL'ers love ya!


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 Mon 2:03pm 1 November 2004
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