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Comment : Re: Re: welcome to the tib/fib club
Posted by Diana_W on Mon 10:10am 4 October 2004


I'll bet you never thought you'd join this exclusive club! I shuddered at your story because I did something similar several years ago when I was handing a windchime from the ceiling. That time, I only broke my toes. This time,I broke my ankle on 7/28 while walking the dog when I slipped on a culvert.

The first six weeks are awful because you have to get around with just one foot plus your muscles atrophy and just diappear while your good leg is super strong.

Annette is right about the aloe gel. I turned her on to it. Sleep with as many pillows as possible to keep your leg elevated and your body stable. I always have a fat foam pillow under the ankle and one between my knees for stability plus others around the body.

I also highly recommend a shower chair and a hand-held showerhead because bathing can be a real challenge. I did sponge baths and washed my hair in the sink until I finally got the chair and hand shower.

Leg lifts are great! Definitely do as many as you can while you're in your chair. My OS told me to do 200 a day while I was NWB. It helped when I finally got rid of the last cast. Yes, your skin will look like fish scales and fall off in chunks. The aloe gel will clear it in in short order.

I spend a lot of time on the computer, cruising the web looking for stuff about broken ankles, etc. I'm real lucky because I have some good neighbors who are home during day and willing to help out.

Video games, good books, movies, games on the computer, some TV, and most of all patience. The patience is the hardest part, but I would just stare at my ankle and think, "Heal...heal..."

After week 6, I got the walking boot for two weeks and started PT. Now at week 10, I'm in an ankle brace and may lose that one soon. The PT is very painful and frustrating because the muscles won't cooperate, but the difference in my ankle is fantastic. Defintely start PT as soon as your OS says it's OK.

One of our group, Chucke, is quite a researcher. Do a search under his name, and you'll find lots of cool stuff. Rest, keep your foot elevated all of the time, ice heavily once you get rid of the cast, and compression (ace bandage or stocking) when your foot starts to swell after the cast is gone.

We're with you and wish you the best. Spend time with us when you feel down. It will get better, but it sure takes a long, long time!

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 Mon 10:10am 4 October 2004
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