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Comment : Update Sounds Good
Posted by Diana_W on Sat 8:08pm 27 November 2004


I was glad to see your post. Good thing that the slip and fall didn't do much harm. It must have been really scary. I dread falling and watch my feet everywhere I walk. Some year, maybe I'll be able to walk and look at the sky.

It's much better once you lose the cast, get the boot (hate), and use crutches. I slipped a couple times with those too, just little slides on the deck, no fall. Boy, that's a wakeup. Work on PT. I can't recommend it enough.

After crutches, I used the cane although I reverted to crutches a couple of times in nasty weather. The cane with an ankle brace was a good step after crutches. Even with the brace and the velcro sneaker, I felt so vulnerable to falls. I still do.

Friday, after I put on the hiking boots, I felt liberated! They really hold the foot tight, although they need to be broken in. I walk like a penguin, but at least I walk! Stairs are the scary part, but I'll figure those out eventually.

Hope you leg feels better and that you see the OS this week for reassurance. Also hope that the OS moves you to the next level in the healing process. Confidence in your OS is to important.

Take care...Diana

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 Sat 8:08pm 27 November 2004
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