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Comment : Re: Update Sounds Good
Posted by Alison on Mon 11:14am 29 November 2004

I am frustrated. I called my doctor last Tuesday because I had a question about my alignment. When you say you are walking like a penguin do you mean that your "bad" foot is pointing somewhat outward? If so, has your doctor indicated that PT and strengthening will eliminate that? Anyway, he called me back that afternoon but I missed the call.

So, I tried to call him again on Wednesday, this time because I had the fall on Tuesday night. I even told the receptionist that I was calling because I had fallen and I did not get a call back. Thursday was Thanksgiving, Friday I got to talk to a resident, but not my doctor because he was either out for the holiday or in surgery all day. I called him this morning (four hours ago) and left a message with the same receptionist and have not heard back from him. It's making me crazy! I like this guy (you're right, confidence in your OS is important), but I would like to have him return my calls a little more quickly. I told the receptionist that I fell and that I had concerns about having done damage and I don't know if she told him. If she did, and she's still not calling, then this is crazy. I want to be able to speak to him early enough in the week to either have him tell me that nothing's wrong (which I'm not sure will do the job) or to make sure I can get an appointment to come in this week.

UGH! I don't know yet if the fall did any harm to my leg.

Thanks for your message.


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 Mon 11:14am 29 November 2004
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