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Comment : Re: Re: What's the Verdict?
Posted by Diana_W on Sat 9:21am 4 December 2004


I'm glad you didn't get hurt, whew. PT will help a lot. They are lifesavers (leg/foot/ankle savers). I didn't want to put any weight on the ankle at all, but they took me through the process in little steps so the muscles could get back to normal. They're still not normal, but a lot better. The more weight you put on a break, the faster the bone repairs itself.

Goodness, you don't want the OS to break it again?! Then you'd be back to square one. Maybe that's why he wants a baseline test so later he can see if PT made a difference with the rotation.

It's been just over four months for me, so the 9.5 weeks for you sounds familiar. You broke it in mid-September, right? I broke mine at the end of July.

Starting the car makes such a huge difference! About a week before Thanksgiving when I was still in the brace and the velcro giant shoe, I drove it around the block. My bad foot controls the brake and gas. The clutch is on my good side. It was awkward to drive, so I gave up even thought my OS said I could drive. Now, with the hiking boot, I can really drive without panic or fear. Drove myself to PT just after Thanksgiving. Freedom! I'll only drive during the week and not during rush hour. Need to stay away from traffic and other crazy drivers, but I'm finally driving.

I agree. I won't go near the front door if there's snow, and we have a lot of snow. I drove my car into the driveway to rescue the newspaper, the mail, and the garbage cans. I will not walk on snow or ice.

You're progressing! PT will torture you, and you'll swear at them after every session. Day by day, you'll notice a difference. Good luck!

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 Sat 9:21am 4 December 2004
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