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Comment : Re: Re: Re: What's the Verdict?
Posted by Alison on Sun 3:22pm 5 December 2004

The doctor said that the x-rays don't reveal any rotation, but the position of my kneecap suggests otherwise. So, the CAT scan is to look at both of my legs simultaneously to see if that reveals something that the x-ray does not. He seemed a little defensive when I asked him if CAT scan was more accurate that an x-ray, as if I was suggesting that he has not been doing his job, which inevitably makes me think just that. I am pretty confident that the positioning of my foot makes it appear as if rotation has occured, which may be due to the fact that the first doctor only put an half leg cast on, even though every doctor since then has expressed surprise that I was not given a full leg cast.

ANYWAY. I don't understand. Are you suggesting tha PT may help in the alignment of my leg or the positioning of my leg? My impression is that only by rebreaking my leg (osteotomy) will I be able to repair the rotation. It's either that or live with it and deal with the ramifications.

But, yes, I should wait until I get the results of the CAT scan to deal with my fate.

I hope you are not still stuck in the house because of the snow. It was a lovely day here in DC and I went for a walk with a friend.


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 Sun 3:22pm 5 December 2004
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