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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: What's the Verdict?
Posted by Diana_W on Mon 3:10pm 6 December 2004

Hi Alison,

I really don't know if PT will put your leg back into alignment if there's a fundamental underlying issue with your rotation. It sounds good that your kneecap suggests that you have rotation. Guess that's why we have doctors. Breathe deeply and wait for the CAT scan. The 14th will tell.

I do know that PT helped me a lot with the positioning of my ankle vis a vis the rest of the leg, including the knee. My ankle was tilted to the inside for the longest time. After three months of PT, I have "within normal range" ROM, and I give them the credit. Myself too because I do the exercises faithfully three times a day. And I can finally drive my car after over 4 months, very carefully.

Our huge piles of snow melted over the weekend. We went into the 40's, and the white stuff disappeared. Now it's raining. I took the dogs for a walk up and down the street, one at a time, because my OS wants me walking to build those bones.

Think good thoughts. I hope all goes well.

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 Mon 3:10pm 6 December 2004
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