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Comment : Excellent, I'm glad for you
Posted by Diana_W on Fri 9:54am 31 December 2004


Wonderful news, especially coming from a bunch of experts. What a huge relief! Them bones are healing. Significant bones growth is a great sign, so keep the weight on those bones.

I did precisely what my OS told me to do, even when he didn't tell me stuff like I'd have to have a second surgery to get the big screw taken out until the time was ripe. He was very forthright and honest if I asked the right questions.

You're right. Trust the doctors. And trust your PT coach when you get one. The folks on the board are well meaning, but people often exaggerate or freak out when they're in the hard initial stages. I know I did because I'd never broken anything and envisioned the worst.

Yes, the skin is gross when the cast comes off and falls off in hunks. Alligator skin. Try aloe vera gel (not lotion) when you finally get that cast off. You'll lose a lot of skin in the first week, and the gel will help it clear up fast. Your calf also will look like a chicken leg, all skinny and dried up, but that will go away once you start PT strengthening exercises. My bad ankle is still larger than my good ankle because of the hardware, but my calf is back to normal.

What a huge relief!!!!!! Now you can focus on healing and putting weight on that leg. In a month, maybe you can get the boot (hated it) or maybe he'll give you an ankle brace (used that after the boot). Fantastic news. Congratulations!!


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 Fri 9:54am 31 December 2004
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